Policy in Making Grants

The Foundation was founded by Cleveland Hoadley Dodge in 1917. In keeping with the provisions of its Certificate of Incorporation, grants are made only to organizations on the exempt list of the Internal Revenue Service, excluding, however, private foundations as defined in the Tax Reform Act of 1969 in Section 509 of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Foundation makes grants only to established institutions. It does not:

  1. support individuals through scholarships or other aid.
  2. Support institutions dealing mainly with medical research or health care and training.
  3. Support school, colleges and universities excepting those which the Foundation has consistently supported over a long period of time, or to match gifts made under matching plans.
  4. Make loans.
  5. Manage programs or projects.

It is the policy of the Foundation to give priority to institutions and agencies in the following categories, with preference given to institutions and agencies in New York City and the Near East countries:

  1. those supported by both the Founder and his descendants which continue to perform effective services;
  2. those which help underprivileged youth build good moral character and sound values;
  3. those which are demonstrating a visible and effective effort toward reversing global overpopulation.

Consideration is also given to specific institutions which do not fit into the above categories but:

  1. have been consistently supported by the Foundation over a long period of time or; qualify by virtue of both the ongoing interest and involvement of one or more descendants of the Founder and having objectives clearly conforming with those of the Foundation.